Dec 31, 2016

Disruption – the new buzz-word

Disruption is the new buzz-word that IT monopolies like Google and Facebook use to market their business. Disruption is also intended for use in the public sector to continue the New Public Management (NPM) in transferring management and earnings-philosophies from the private business to the public sector. The argument is the employees in the public sector over time can be just as effective as the employees in the private sector. Bur actually the results of NPM implementation in the Danish public sector has been more control, less employee satisfaction and dedication and in the end reduced effectivity. Disruption is a concept designed to make money for the major IT monopolies. Disruption is both a techno-utopianism and a new religion. Google and Facebook of the other IT monopolies have even formed their own lobbying organization to preach the merry disruption message: Singularity University ( On Monday morning (2nd January), the Danish prime minister (Lars L√łkke Rasmussen) will meet for the first time with the Government's recently appointed disruption advisory council ( The disruption advisory council will discuss how to "seize the opportunities in the technological development, and assure that everyone joins the development." Disruption principles has already been tested in Danish tax administration, where artificial intelligence and IT has replaced many experts with great dedication, a lot of experience (and high salary), with an immense loss of tax-revenue for the Danish society as a result.