Jan 28, 2013

Durres, Albania, Sunday, 27th of January 2013

Train is the slowest and cheapest way of public transport to from Tirana Durres – Albania’s biggest seaport.
These two gentlemen sitting opposite to us looked very carefully at us as, they seemed to consider if we were from another planet
On the last station before Durres our locomotive got some technical problem and we were stuck
Finally after one hour of waiting a new locomotive arrived from Durres to take us the last part of the way
When we arrived to Durres we walked from the station to the first coffee shop sea promenade - view from the coffee shop at the sea promenade
A monument probably from communist times
Well suited for some youngsters dangerous showing off
We continued our walk north of the city along the coast
On our way back to the bus station we visited the famous Durres amphitheater
When we finally were back in Tirana after a long and sunny day it was dark

Tirana, Albania, Saturday, 26th of January 2013

A small park opposite my flat is very popular among pensioner’s playing cards, chess, domino etc.
A small vegetables and fruit marked next to the park
On a busy Tirana Street
There is a lot of hosing blocks being built on the hills south of Tirana
Also an Saturdays construction workers are on their job
Suddenly, when you go around the corner from one of the construction sites, you are in the country side
Back in Tirana

Tirana, Albania, Sunday, 20th of January 2013

Skanderbeg's statue. Gjergj Kastrioti (1405-68), also known as Skanderbeg in English and Skenderbej in Albanian, is the only historical figure whom all Albanians agree was a national hero. He managed to create an independent Albanian princedom and keep it free for 25 long years.
Et'hem Bey Mosque. Construction of the ‘Xhamia e Haxhi Ethem Beut’ mosque started in 1794 and was finished in 1821 by Et’hem Bey
"The Albanians" mosaic on the facade of the National Historical Museum